SOLD (2012 A-400 Full System)


N65258 S/N 6679

Hyperlast top 66%
Easy Vent II rapid deflation system
Double rotation vents
Stainless steel cables
Nomex scoop
Weight – 818 lbs.

Banner area (1)
3 gores wide x 5 panels tall
48 ft wide (top)
41 ft wide (bottom)
23.5 ft tall

:30 (test inflation only)


Foxtrot Plus S/N 9770

Black smooth leather bolster & pole covers
Black scuff leather
Black accent weave
Black cushion floor
Black cushion walls (16)
Black document display case
Fire extinguisher and pouch
Poly skid protectors
Tow plate (2)

Dropline – black leather
Manifold (1)

Ultra Quad Burner

20 gal. tanks (5) with black tank jackets