8x the Strength

You’ve heard all about the legendary benefits of our Hyperlast™ fabric, but here’s something you haven’t heard. For a limited time, Hyperlast™ is half-off!

It’s very simple, for any new envelope- or system- order placed between May 15th and June 15th 2014, Hyperlast™ will be half price! Whether you want just one row of Hyperlast™, or the entire balloon, the offer is the same – half price.

Why not enjoy the benefits of the fabric that has up to eight times the tear strength of rip-stop fabrics – even those fabrics with odd-shaped patterns.

What’s more, other standard fabrics, or even so-called heavy-duty fabrics are virtually the same weight, but with none of the benefits.


Don’t be fooled by fabrics that claim to be heavy-duty, but all they offer is heavy. Hyperlast™ has double the tensile strength and up to eight times the all-important tear strength compared to typical rip-stop fabrics.

So with a Cameron you have your choice: light-weight high-performance Caliber™ fabric that never goes porous, or it’s heavier-duty cousin Hyperlast™ that gives you exceptional tear strength & tensile strength and never goes porous either.

What’s not to love? Whether you want light-weight or heavy-duty we have great-looking fabrics that will keep you enjoying ballooning for a long, long time.

Call your Cameron Representative for more details.

Half Off!
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