Cameron 42 x 52 Aristocrat with custom-embroidered Pontiac tank straps. Note the Aristocrat’s Single-Weave pattern, rugged rope handles, and built-in tank strap holes.

Cameron 42 x 58 Aristocrat with Ultra Double burners. Note that this basket displays the richly-embroidered “CAMERON” tank strap sleeves that come standard with all baskets equipped with tanks. Choose from various embroidery colors to match your basket – or personalize them with your name or sponsor’s logo as an option!

42 x 58 Sport Basket. Note the Double-Weave pattern above, featuring 2 strands of rattan per row, and the wooden toggle handles for easy handling.

Echo Double T-basket with Ultra Triple burners (with anodized aluminum heat shields), central pilot compartment and four passenger compartments. The bolster is fitted with navy suede. Note all the handles in the passenger compartments, and the optional cordura padded walls.

Eight standard models of “T” and “Double T” partition baskets offer features that benefit both operator and passengers.

Features like the all-woven floor that absorbs shock on hard landings, multi-height steps that ease entry and exit, and numerous internal handles positioned for security. Passenger comfort is further enhanced by optional padded sidewalls and cushion floors.
The all-woven floor design also makes the basket light-weight for ground handling, while the top quality rattan, thick scuff leather, hardwood skids, and rugged stainless steel top frame form a basket that is strong, durable, and attractive.

Mounted on the burner frame, our tether lugs are set to the perfect angle for inflation harnesses, while double corner lugs distribute the load for additional redundancy.

All baskets are fitted with custom-sized heavy latigo leather that is hand-stitched for that perfect fit — you won’t find rough overlaps here, but rather, a perfect seam for strength and beauty.

Personalize your new basket, whether a Sport or Aristocrat, with your choice of many different colors of accent weave. Use a single color, or mix and match to get that perfect fit with your envelope!

Cameron’s all-weave floor eliminates the weak junction between a wooden floor and wicker walls — the natural breaking point for hard floor basket designs.

This basket shown here is fitted with optional Poly-Skid protectors, which are mounted to the hardwood skids with stainless steel hardware. Poly-skid protectors extend the life of your basket runners, plus make it easier to move the basket on hard surfaces.

Our CushionFloor is color-matched to your basket’s interior, and offers a stable but cushioned footing for those less-than-feather-soft landings. This basket is also fitted with the optional Padded Wall, which adds further protection and comfort for passengers.

Our document pouch is cleverly fitted with a velcro-removable Certificate pouch for easier paperwork at your favorite balloon event — plus a handy striker pouch that keeps it readily accessible in case of an emergency, yet is removable with a quick-buckle on refuelling.

Custom-embroidered tank straps — with your personal identification or sponsor name — really dress up your basket and add extra promotional value for your sponsor. Each custom strap comes as a sleeve, so you can keep them looking sharp by removing them for laundering in your washing machine!