EasyVent™ is our trusty parachute that turns into a lighting-fast deflation system when you need it. What’s more, it’s reversible too! Pull one line and the top gathers into a fabric streamer below the crown ring, leaving an enormous hole that ensures an almost immediate deflation. Pull the opposing line and the EasyVent™ closes again, so you can test it before you fly. And best of all – for high wind landings – once you pull the deflation line, it stays pulled. So you can hold on to the basket handles instead of pulling hard on the deflation line.

Like all of the high quality aircraft-grade materials used in the construction of every Cameron, our materials are purpose-designed, rather than taken “off-the-rack”. It’s more expensive, but definitely worth the premium. And our fabric is no exception. It’s not surprising that fabric manufacturers work closely with, and offer their newest products to, their biggest customers. And for specialized balloon fabrics, customers don’t come bigger than Cameron.

Our exclusive fabrics are processed from the weaving mill to the finished product by a single manufacturer. For this reason, quality control is ensured from start to finish over a long and complicated process. Furthermore, we don’t experiment at your expense with radical fabric changes. Our proven fabric undergoes continual evolutionary improvements, rather than the revolutionary “scrap and start anew” philosophy others embrace — throwing the “baby out with the bath water” can bear hidden surprises, and that approach can cost You the balloon owner.

The ultimate racing machine – the ZL-Racer is a thoroughbred specifically designed to give you the edge in competition. Based on the proven Z-type, its ultra smooth surface and streamlined profile enhance climb performance and directional stability. If you’re looking for a high-performance racer, this is it!

Available in eight volumes — 56, 60, 65, 70, 77, 84, 90, and 105 — the ZL is standard-equipped with a parachute top.

Constructed from 24 gores that provide a super-smooth shape with zero horizontal stress, you can make your ZL even smoother by having it built with Cameron’s exclusive Kevron™ load tapes.

The Z-Type is the most exciting envelope ever. With a racing heritage that rivals even the legendary N-type, the “Z” can be your personal racer, whether flying in serious competition or just for fun.

Engineered with the same great shape and smoothness as the Cameron N-type, the “Z” is a 24-gore smooth envelope, designed with numerous panels that have a horizontal orientation. And that’s where the artist comes in. Take your creative energy to new heights with hundreds of panels and more than 16 colors. Spirals, checkerboards, solids, or a combination – they’re all possible! Or add artwork to a super-smooth envelope for promotional work, or your own personal design. Either way, the “Z” can cater to your individual needs.

The Cameron Viva offers you a great combination of strength and light weight, and its unique “tear-drop” shape makes it a favorite among sport pilots. Why? They appreciate the lightness provided by an envelope constructed from just eight bulbous gores.

Also, the Viva’s design allows for simple artwork, while the numerous horizontally-cut panels offer virtually unlimited color patterns without the need for special cuts.

The N-Type provides maximum visibility with a perfect, almost flat surface to display even the largest and most complicated artwork. Computer-designed to a natural form which yields zero horizontal fabric stress, the loads are carried by closely-spaced, vertical load tapes.

Constructed from 24 gores (28 to 32 on larger models), the N-Type envelope is the premium choice for effective promotional use.

There is such a thing as a good compromise.

The O-type is an excellent compromise between the engineering efficiency of the large-gored Viva envelope and the advertising effectiveness of the smoother N-series envelopes.

A slightly bulbous 12-gore design, the O-series is ideally suited to fun-flying, passenger-carrying, or promotional work.

Purpose-built for passenger operations, the A-Type offers a wide range of envelopes that will lift from 5 to 18+ persons – from the sport-sized 105 up to the industry’s greatest workhorse, the A-315, with 6,300 pounds of gross lift.

Twenty slightly bulbous gores, each with numerous horizontal panels, provide tremendous strength without compromising artwork potential. And like all Camerons, the A-Series boasts a large “Loaded” mouth™ and Nomex PressureScoop™, which together make even the windiest inflations easy. This is especially important for balloons that have to work hard for a living.

Photo credit above: Mike Kijak

With a Concept series envelope you can combine the versatility of low cost, light-weight, semi-smooth gores (12 on the C-60 and C-80, 16 on the C-100) with the great performance of a Cameron.

The Concept is ideal for fun-flying, training, competition, or for a small passenger operation. And the lowest-cost Cameron doesn’t translate into a compromise on quality. We’ve simply introduced more cost-effective designs that reduce fabric wastage — every component is Cameron quality throughout.