Light and Superlight™ Envelopes

Want an envelope that weights 70lb?  Now you can.

For many years we have offered Lightweight versions of our envelopes.  We are excited to now offer Superlight™ envelopes.

Superlight™ fabric weighs a meager 1.1oz/sq.yd., (compared to our standard Caliber™ fabric at approximately 1.9oz) allowing for some incredibly light envelopes.

  • 1.1 oz fabric
  • available in a variety of colors*
  • can be combined with our exclusive Kevron™ load tapes for even more weight saving
  • Perfect combination with our collapsible Nano basket
  • 250 hour / 6 year warranty**
  • No upgrade cost


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 COLORING CHARTS (new for 2006) 

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zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 424k


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zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 632k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 256k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 515k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 108k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 252k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 215k
Color-pallets zip contains tif, jpeg, bmp, cdr, and ai 225k
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ICA Manual Revision G Complete
(Nov 2016)

pdf document includes all appendices

(note: re-uploaded on 11-22-16 to include missing svc bulletin 9)

ICA Manual Issue 3 Revision G

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Appendix B (pdf)
(Nov 2016)
pdf document for manual entry

Revision G Appendix B

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Appendix B (pdf)
(Nov 2016)
 pdf fillable form (except signatures)

Revision G Appendix B

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Current Service Letters

Service Letters 1-3

Service Letters 1-2-3


Current Service Bulletins


Service Bulletins 1-9 (included in ICA above)

(note, re-uploaded on 11-22-16 to include missing svc. bulletin 9)

Revision G Appendix C – Service Bulletins

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ICA Manual

pdf file main ICA manual ICA Manual Issue 3 Revision F 7.20MB
Appendices A-C pdf file contains appendices A, B, & C Revision F Appendices A-C 8.41MB
Appendices D-X pdf file contains appendices D through X Revision F Appendices D-X 5.90MB
Service Letters
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Service Bulletin 5

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Service Bulletin 6

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Service Bulletin 7

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Service Bulletin 8
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Service Bulletin 9
pdf file Service Bulletin 9
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Technical Specifications

Document Version:  TS051A Technical Specifications (pdf) 944k

Sirocco Flyer

Sirocco Flyer (pdf) 112k

 COLORING CHARTS (new for 2006) 

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zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 424k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 142k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 632k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 256k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 515k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 108k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 252k


zip file contains pdf, bmp, and cdr 215k
Color-pallets zip contains tif, jpeg, bmp, cdr, and ai 225k


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ICA Manual

pdf file main ICA manual ICA Manual Issue 3 Revision F 7.20MB

Appendices A-C

pdf file contains appendices A, B, & C Revision F Appendices A-C 8.41MB
Appendices D-X
pdf file contains appendices D through X Revision F Appendices D-X 5.90MB

Service Letters

pdf file contains Service Letters 1,2, & 3 Service Letters 1-2-3 1.80MB

Service Bulletins

pdf file contains Service Bulletins 1-8 Revision F Appendix C – Service Bulletins 6.94MB
Ever seen someone take a photograph of a billboard? And then entrust it to their family photo album? Or have you ever seen a family wide-eyed with amazement and wonder over a newspaper ad — only to clearly recall it and talk about it with excitement for years after? Hot-air balloons do this with ease — and offer sponsors even more, such as:

EXCITEMENT. Hot-air balloons create excitement that attracts — and holds — attention. They have mystique. Cachet. Millions of spectators annually attend hundreds of balloon events nationwide, and many millions more witness their presence in the skies over urban centers all over North America and Europe.

BROAD APPEAL. Hot-air balloons are universally fascinating, regardless of the spectator’s age, income, gender, or occupation. Balloons are spectacular to watch, are colorful and alive, and appeal to the romantic adventurer in all of us. As such, they are not limited to select demographic profiles, but rather, appeal to virtually all ranges of individuals.

FLEXIBILITY. Hot-air balloons can be employed in a myriad number of promotionally effective ways owing to their unique properties. The versatility of a hot air balloon is unparalleled by any other medium — aerial or otherwise.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rating for hot air balloons compares very favorably to conventional media. In relation to other successful aerial advertising programs, such as Airships, hot air balloon programs can be implemented for one-twentieth (1/20) of the cost.

PROMOTING WITH GOODWILL. Hot-air balloons are a colorful and friendly medium that brings smiles to the faces of those who behold their presence. Furthermore, impressions are made without the appearance of covert commercialism. As such, the relative quality of impressions generated by hot air balloons is very high.

AN EFFECTIVE MEDIUM. In terms of retention, impact, favorable impressions, broad appeal, unique product positioning, and cost-effectiveness, hot air balloons are a very effective medium.

The answer is pretty simple — just give us a call at the Cameron factory. We can put you in touch with the right people for training and for getting involved in your local balloon organization. We can also, of course, put you into a new Cameron, or help you locate a used balloon. And you can trust that we’ll be here to help you with all the other things you’ll need to make ballooning satisfying for you, both before you buy and after you receive your new balloon.

The more than 80 Cameron representatives around the United States are required by the Cameron factory to have a commercial pilot certificate, experience with several types of balloons, and significantly higher flying experience than is required by the FAA. If we do not have a qualified representative offering instruction near you, we will work to put you in touch with a balloonist in your area with a good reputation as an instructor.

What regulations apply to balloons?

Several FAA Regulations apply to balloons. Those that apply include:

• Part 61: Pilot Licensing (see “What are the FAA license requirements” below)
• Part 91: Flying regulations (same as for light planes).
• Part 45: Aircraft maintenance…as defined by the balloon manufacturer.

What are the FAA license requirements?

A student pilot’s certificate is needed before commencing flight training. To gain a student certificate, the applicant must be at least 14 years of age, be able to read, speak and understand the English language, and must certify that s/he has no medical defect that makes him/her unable to pilot a free balloon.

The successful completion of flight training leads to a private pilot certificate, lighter-than-air category with a free balloon class rating. With more experience and training, the pilot can attain a commercial license, which enables the pilot to fly for hire or to instruct others to fly.


• Minimum age 16 years
• 10 hours balloon flight experience including:
• 6 balloon flights under the supervision of an instructor.
• One solo flight.
• One flight to at least 2000 feet above the take of point.
• Two flights of at least 1 hour each with 60 days prior to application for the rating.
• An oral and written exam.
• Flight test.


• Minimum age 18 years.
• 35 hours flight time including:
• 20 hours in balloons.
• 10 flights in balloons.
• Two flights in balloons as the pilot in command.
• 10 hours of training including 10 training flights.
• An oral and written exam.
• Flight test.

How do I get trained as a pilot?

Call the Cameron Balloons factory for an instructor referral.

How expensive is training?

Normally costs to obtain your private pilot’s license will vary from $2,000 to $4,500. Training in your own balloon would be the least expensive.

What equipment do I need, aside from a balloon?

A trailer, van or pickup truck, an inflation fan, and 2-way radios (optional but recommended)

How expensive is a balloon?

New: Our Concept series balloons start at around $35,000 for a ready-to-fly complete system, including the balloon envelope, basket gondola, two 15 gallon fuel tanks, burner, and instruments. Used balloons range in price from $8,000 to $25,000.

How do I decide what balloon to buy?

Some of the many considerations include the size of balloon suitable for receiving instruction, ease of getting service, insurability, type of equipment needed for local flying conditions, warranty, and resale value.

What about insurance costs?

That depends on the type, size, and brand of balloon and how it will be used. Average annual premiums for a private pilot range from $800 to $1,400.

Are there any publications on ballooning?

Ballooning Journal, (quarterly), published by the Balloon Federation of America (BFA), the national organization for ballooning: P.O. Box 400, Indianola, IA 50125. Phone (515) 961-8809

Balloon Life Magazine, (monthly), 2336 – 47 Avenue S.W., Seattle, WA 98116-3649. Phone 206-935-3649.

Where can I fly a balloon?

Legally, just about everywhere (except around major airports). Functionally, everywhere except in midtown large cities or close to large airports.

Do balloons compete?

YES! Balloons from many countries compete in the World Championships. The U.S. Nationals attracts over 100 balloons annually, and nearly 100 local balloon competitions around the USA qualify pilots for national competition. For more information on competition, please go to the “Experience” tab at the top menu and then click on “Competitions”.

Where do I get more information?

Call Cameron Balloons (734) 426-5525, or continue to surf our web page.



FIRST AROUND THE WORLD.  Cameron is the only brand of balloon to fly around the world – not just once, but twice.
» Breitling: Won: The Last Great Aeronautical Adventure Within the Earth’s Atmosphere.
In March of 1999, this Cameron R-650 Roziere traveled 25,361 miles on a non-stop global journey that took 19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes to complete, reaching an altitude of 38,507 feet. Piloted by Bertrand Piccard from Switzerland and Brian Jones from Great Britain, the giant silver balloon launched from Chateau-d’Oex on March 1st and landed near D’khla, Egypt, on March 21st.Read on »
» Fossett: Won: The consummate Adventurer flies around the World — Solo.
July 2002: Piloting his Cameron R-550 Roziere, American adventurer Steve Fossett completed the first solo round-the-world flight by balloon. Travelling at speeds that occasionally exceeded 200 miles per hour (320 km/h), Steve also achieved a new time for the shortest circumnavigation.Read on »
Photo credits: Gamma / Marathon Racing

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The largest and most diverse brand of balloon in the world.  Cameron is the largest-selling brand of hot-air balloon in the world, and offers pilots the most extensive range of aerostats in the industry: hot-air balloons, personal “hopper” balloons; “first to fly around-the-world” roziere balloons; gas balloons; airships; and special-shape balloons.

The unity of one brand. The strength and diversity of two independent companies.

Cameron is a global brand that derives much of its strength from the fact that balloons bearing the name “Cameron” are designed and built by two distinct companies that are independently owned and managed 3⁄4 yet are steadfastly united in their commitment to building the industry’s best balloon. These two companies are Cameron Balloons US and Cameron Balloons Ltd. While each company shares the same overall vision for ballooning excellence, each independently serves the unique needs of its own customers. It’s a great balance between a shared brand philosophy 3⁄4 and the strength and diversity that comes with total independence.

Serving the needs of balloon enthusiasts in the United States, Cameron Balloons US is wholly U.S. owned, managed and staffed. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and fully regulated under the jurisdiction of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), Cameron US has an accomplished history dating back more than 30 years. Serving overseas pilots around the world, Cameron Balloons Ltd. builds Camerons in a production facility situated in Bristol, England.

The brand of unparalleled Experience and Choice.

More than 8,000 Camerons have been built over the past 40-plus years – balloons of all types, sizes and shapes. That’s a lot of balloons, and a lot of experience. And it’s unprecedented, both in breadth and depth.

At Cameron US, our size and scope extends into our product lines as well, resulting in the greatest choice available in the market. We offer more envelope styles, shapes and sizes than any other company. Cameron is the largest-selling brand in the world because it has always provided the level of service and choice demanded by our customers — as well as the imagination, creativity and technical excellence needed to back up our clients’ demands.

The Inventor and Master of Special Shapes.

Cameron Balloons Ltd. built the world’s very first Special Shape in 1976. Since then, the Cameron name has graced fleets of the most intricate shapes for customers such as Forbes Magazine and Disney — companies who are choosy about their suppliers and even more concerned with the quality of their image. More special shapes bear the name “Cameron” than any other manufacturer – more than 400+ balloons to date.

Twenty-six-plus years of experience building shapes comes to life in the form of the most dynamic and well engineered shapes in existence. And when it comes to building special shapes, experience is everything.

The most comprehensive manufacturing Teams in the industry.

The Cameron brand is designed and built by ballooning’s largest two teams of skilled engineers and active pilots. The two companies combined represent more than 90 employees, 10+ trained Engineers, and 20+ licensed pilots with 13,000+ logged hours. No other brand can make the same claim – or even come close.

And no other brand of balloon is characterized by such a diverse group of active sport balloonists, experienced commercial operators, engineers, business professionals, and record-breakers. We can assist you in every aspect of ballooning, whether sport or commercial. Yet another Cameron exclusive.

At Cameron US, we achieve our high quality standards with a production team that has an average of nearly 11 years building Camerons, not counting the nearly 37 years of combined manufacturing experience of people like Debbie Branch – our Envelope Coordinator, and Dave Moody – our Engineering Manager.

The most accomplished brand of balloon on the planet.

Two of the three current Absolute (all classes of balloons) World Records were broken by pilots flying Camerons: (1) Distance; and (2) Duration. The only remaining record is that of Altitude, held by the U.S. military.

» And eleven of the past twenty U.S. National Champions flew to victory in a Cameron. The next competitive brand? Only three of twenty.

» Steve Fossett, the first man to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean, broke the world Distance record in 1995. And he did it in a stock Cameron Roziere    envelope. In 1998, Steve Fossett flew farther (Distance) yet, more than anyone else had previously flown in the then 214 year history of ballooning.

» In 1997, the Breitling Orbiter beat the world record for the longest duration unrefuelled flight in the history of aviation. And once again, it was with    Cameron Roziere technology.

» In 1999, the Breitling Orbiter III 3⁄4 a Cameron Roziere 650 piloted by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones — was the first balloon ever to fly around the    world.

» And in 2002, Steve Fossett made the history books when he shattered Breitling’s round-the-world record by completing the journey in less time.    Piloting his Cameron R-550, not only did Steve fly faster, he flew solo – yet another first.

Supplier of the Industry’s best service.

At Cameron US, we take the business of ballooning seriously. So you can have some serious fun. Or seriously operate a commercial business. Or both. Furthermore, with a team of highly experienced commercial operators and active sport pilots, we “speak your language” and identify with your needs.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cameron Balloons U.S. operates a full-service manufacturing facility, here to support you with parts, service and advice. We offer unmatched factory service that doesn’t keep you waiting for parts. In fact, our parts are usually shipped the same day. Customer service is embedded in our factory culture — just ask a Cameron owner or your local repair station about our response time and you’ll discover that the quality of our service is not common to other brands. Why be grounded waiting for parts?

A brand offering unparalleled engineering.

The Cameron brand is designed by more engineers than our three major U.S. competitors combined, and is built on a foundation of superior engineering designs — designs generated and well tested by the industry’s largest and most comprehensive effort. In fact, in its 26 year history, Cameron Balloons US has a track record unequaled in American balloon manufacturing.

A Global Company: More than 165 Dealers serving 49+ countries.

Whether you’re in California or Germany, Houston or Krakow, you won’t be alone when you fly a Cameron. The Cameron brand is represented by a network of more than 75 representatives in the United States 3⁄4 and by more than another 80 representatives in 45+ countries of the world*.
So find friends the world over. Whether you’re a starting pilot or a seasoned commercial operator or competitor, you’ll find a global network of Cameron-minded individuals. Given that Cameron is the world’s most popular brand of balloon, you’re likely to meet a friendly Cameron owner no matter where your travels take you.

* Dealers outside of the United States are representatives for Cameron Balloons Ltd. of Bristol, England.

After holding prices an extra 6-months, the 2005 Price Guide has been released. To receive your copy, contact the Factory, or your local Cameron Representative.