Light and Superlight™ Envelopes

Want an envelope that weights 70lb?  Now you can.

For many years we have offered Lightweight versions of our envelopes.  We are excited to now offer Superlight™ envelopes.

Superlight™ fabric weighs a meager 1.1oz/sq.yd., (compared to our standard Caliber™ fabric at approximately 1.9oz) allowing for some incredibly light envelopes.

  • 1.1 oz fabric
  • available in a variety of colors*
  • can be combined with our exclusive Kevron™ load tapes for even more weight saving
  • Perfect combination with our collapsible Nano basket
  • 250 hour / 6 year warranty**
  • No upgrade cost


  • O-31 Hopper:                     67lb
  • Z-90 (with Kevron™)     150lb
  • O-90 (with Kevron™)     146lb


* Superlight™ fabric has its own range of colors

** Like our Caliber™ and Hyperlast™ fabrics, in normal use the fabric life should well exceed the warranty period