If you’re considering artwork, you should consider a Cameron!

With a long history steeped in corporate balloons and special shape creation we have created some sensational artwork projects over the years. Whether your artwork needs are simple or complex, your project will be treated with the care and respect of a masterpiece.

For photographs of some of our artwork balloons, visit our artwork gallery

Isn’t all artwork the same?

Absolutely not. For example, we create artwork using only the ‘natural’ seams — i.e. the seams that are naturally present given the design of the balloon. As a result your artwork will never be riddled with ulgly additional seams designed purely to save a few additional yards of fabric or shave a few minutes off the production time.

Does it make a difference you ask? Well judge for yourself with the photos below.

The photos below are NOT from a Cameron, and illustrate the additional seams that some manufcaturers add to simplify the artwork process.

Given the low resolution of website images, the photo below shows the 10 extra seams that were created to simplify production. While they don’t show up well in the photo, they do show up in real life – especially during a balloon-glow.

With a Cameron, your artwork will always be crisp and clean. What’s more, given decades of experience producing all kinds of artwork, the extra quality does not come at an extra cost. We work efficiently to bring you the highest quality artwork that you (and your sponsor) will be proud to show off for years.