Our Double-Seal blast valve solves the age-old problem of damaged “O” rings and cold weather leaks. If the pressure-bearing “O” ring leaks (the ‘primary’ seal in the diagram above), the secondary seal prevents a blast-valve leak and allows the propane to vent harmlessly into the burner can through an ‘escape tunnel’, where it harmlessly combusts — instead of being forced out the valve stem and into the basket — and onto your passengers.

If an ‘O’ ring leaks in other brands of burners, the pilot would be forced to shut the burner off or execute an immediate emergency landing. With a Cameron burner, if the first ‘O’ ring fails, the vented chamber between the ‘O’ rings channels the fuel to the pilot light where it harmlessly combusts. As a result, pressure build-up behind the second ‘O’ ring is eliminated, allowing the pilot to continue flying on to find a suitable landing site — all without having to turn the burner off.

Interestingly enough, Cameron introduced the double ‘O-Ring’ design well before the Shuttle Challenger disaster. Space shuttle rockets now incorporate the same double ‘O-ring’ and vent system as in all Super, Ultra and Sirocco Cameron burners.

And last but certainly not least, you can even lubricate the “O” rings yourself — through the lubrication port — which means fewer missed flights and fewer trips to your local repair station.