STRATUS (Single / Double / Triple / Quad)

Originally introduced under the Thunder & Colt Brand, the Stratus burner has been a proven performer, and a big hit – particularly with ride balloon operators.

  • True mono-bloc construction
  • Liquid pilot lights
  • Powerful
  • Minimal water production
  • Narrow flame pattern
  • Central-gimbal frame mounting
  • Cross-bar handle allows you to direct the flame and operate the blast valve(s) with one hand Over-the-bar blast valve levers allow single hand actuation of one or BOTH burners at once
  • Toggle style whisper burner
  • Color-coded controls
  • Light-weight
  • Anodized gold can for easy clean-up
  • Black coils for efficient heat transfer
  • Optional cross flow valve on triple burner (TEMA only) allows operation of all three burners with one hand