Cameron’s second generation MK IV burner, the Super Double has a strong reputation generated by many years of use. Incorporating the proprietary Cameron double ‘O’ ring’ blast valve and the quiet and powerful Whisper burner, the Super has many of the features of its successor, the Ultra burner. The Super is available with vapor pilot lights and our traditional inner burner frame (the monoblock gimbal or EasyUp is not available on this model), and like all Cameron burners, the Super’s burner frame is equipped with our exclusive articulated corner pole sockets that work in concert with our FlexiRigid system to ensure maximum flexibility.

And finally, the construction of the Super is Cameron quality throughout, built only with exclusive purpose-designed and purpose-built components made of quality materials like stainless steel. Unlike other burners on the market, there are no Rego valves or other critical fuel parts on the Super that can be found in your local plumbing store – everything is purpose-engineered and purpose-built.