Super Double Features

• Stainless steel can construction, designed with large slots in the base for easy access and maintenance

• Stainless steel frames (both internal and external), fully gimballed for complete range of burner travel

• Fully articulated burner frame corner sockets for FlexiRigid poles

• Stainless steel coils to take the rigors of rapid heating-cooling cycles

• Dual Cameron blast valves with double ‘O’ ring intra-seal pressure relief chamber, to ensure leak-free operation

• Owner-maintainable lubrication of the ‘O’ rings — no disassembly required

• Dual Cameron Whisper auxiliary quiet burners to help you avoid disturbing people or livestock on the ground — or for night glows. The Whisper’s fuel path is separate from the main blast valve for added redundancy.

• Piezzo-electronic ignition, dual ignitors

• Owner-removable and replaceable jets, allowing for customized setup to local conditions (amal or multi-hole jets)

• Crossflow cross-over valve for one-hand operation of both burners with a single blast valve

• Dual vapor pilot lights with fully adjustable flame height settings

• Dual externally mounted pressure gauges

• Toggle blast valve operation

• Brass monoblock manifold design

• High specification fuel hoses rated at 2,250 psi working pressure and 9,000 psi burst pressure.

FlexiRigid, FastFire, Whisper, EasyUp, UltraGrip and Ultra are all trademarks of Cameron Balloons U.S. All Rights Reserved.

Monoblock Design Double-Seal Blast Valves Replaceable Jets Crossflow valve # of Pilot Lights Vapor Pilot Lights Liquid Pilot Lights Piezo Ignitors Whisper burner Adjustable frame option EasyUp option Gimbal angle (front-back) Gimbal angle (left-right) Weight (lbs.)
Sirocco YES YES

  Ring jets

FastFire 2 NO YES 2 2 YES YES 1800 1000 54
Ultra Single YES YES YES NO 2 opt. YES 1 2 YES YES 1800 1000 36
Ultra Double YES YES YES YES 2 opt. YES 2 2 YES YES 1800 600 54
Ultra Triple YES YES YES YES 3 opt. YES 3 3 YES NO 180° 60° 98
Ultra Quad YES YES YES YES 4 opt. YES 4 4 YES NO 180° 60° 116
Super Double YES YES YES YES 2 YES NO 2 2 YES NO 1800 700 54

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact the factory for the latest specifications.