EasyVent™ is our trusty parachute that turns into a lighting-fast deflation system when you need it. What’s more, it’s reversible too! Pull one line and the top gathers into a fabric streamer below the crown ring, leaving an enormous hole that ensures an almost immediate deflation. Pull the opposing line and the EasyVent™ closes again, so you can test it before you fly. And best of all – for high wind landings – once you pull the deflation line, it stays pulled. So you can hold on to the basket handles instead of pulling hard on the deflation line.

But EasyVent™ isn't just for fast landings.

Pilots flying in areas with tight landing spaces use it too. Plus, it eliminates the balloon bouncing along the ground, as it virtually eliminates the rebound experienced on landing.

Tough to manage? Not so, as EasyVent™ is very user-friendly. It rigs like a standard Velcro tab parachute, and there are no pins to install or clips to tangle. Plus there’s an added bonus: the EasyVent™ won’t go out of adjustment with age. And perhaps the easiest idea yet – there’s no need for super-human strength to open it.

Watch the sequence of EasyVent™ being used for venting,as well as being fully opened and closed.
  • Here EasyVent™ is venting, just like a standard parachute, with a pull on the red line.
  • Pull on the EasyVent™ strap and the parachute gathers in towards the center.
  • Now fully open, with the parachute 'streamered' in the center. No pull on the line is needed to keep the vent open.
  • Pull on the red line, and EasyVent™ recloses (here part way).
  • Now fully closed, it's ready again for either standard parachute venting, or EasyVent™ operation.
Why is EasyVent™ such an intelligent choice?

• It’s reversible, so you can test it prior to flight. Plus you have the option to use it for intermediate landings or “hops”.


• Once pulled, the deflation line stays pulled so your hands remain free on landing for other important uses. Also, you don’t need super-
human strength to open EasyVent™.


• It’s simple and reliable – there are no clips, pins, or mechanisms to tangle – just the same easy-to-use parachute velcro tabs that you’ve
grown accustomed to.


• It’s self-adjusting – your EasyVent™ parachute won’t go out of alignment with age, thus preserving your balloon’s fuel efficiency.


• It can be used like a standard full parachute for in-flight maneuvering and light wind landings.


• EasyVent™ stops your balloon in a hurry, ensured by an almost instant deflation. Also, it significantly reduces rebound on fast landings.


• It’s backed by the prompt factory support that Cameron owners expect, such as same-day parts shipment. Just ask anyone flying a
Cameron, or your nearest multi-brand repair station.

If you haven't got an EasyVent™...what's stopping you?