So What's so Special about Caliber™?

So What’s so Special about Caliber™?

• It’s not just the new weave design with its extra ‘rip-stoppers’ that increase tear strength.

• Nor the new breed of urethane coating that resists Hydrolysis – mother nature’s process that works to take away your balloon fabric’s precious coating.

• And it’s not just the enhanced sheen of Caliber™ that makes the colors so bright. Or even the way Caliber™ holds up over time.
It‘s the way all of these features come together to protect your investment and to make ballooning more enjoyable.

Does Caliber™ contain a biocide?

You bet. Caliber™ contains a powerful biocide, effectively repelling the growth of mold and mildew far longer than untreated fabrics can. Caliber™ biocide is essential for damp environments as it stops nasty little microbes from eating away the coating.

Keep the coating and you prevent porosity.

What’s this I hear about polycarbonate? Caliber™ coating is hydrolysis-resistant urethane combined with polycarbonate technology. It bonds securely to the fabric and resists chemical breakdown. Once again, porosity is reduced over the lifetime of the balloon.

Why does Caliber™ look so different?

The special ‘Tartan’ rip-stop significantly increases the all-important tear strength. Plus, our exclusive new fabric has a distinctive look, so you can tell at a glance that you’re getting the real thing. You’ll know instantly that your repairs were completed with first quality fabrics rather than the second qualities that often circulate in the “aftermarket” of balloon rebuilds.

Heavy weight performance without the heavy weight. Is Caliber™ heavy?

No, that’s beauty of Caliber™. While some balloons feel like they’re more brick than fabric, Caliber™ won’t weigh you down. And this fabric is still soft and supple, so the size of your envelope bag hasn’t grown bigger than your basket.

So what's stopping you? Go ahead, fly a little longer.

The product of extensive research into the causes of balloon fabric failure, and built on years of success with DuraFlight I, Duraflight II, and DuraFlight III, Caliber™ is the new standard fabric used in all Cameron envelopes.

After three successful generations of DuraFlight fabric, why did we introduce Caliber™?

You spoke and we listened. You asked for heavy-weight fabric performance without the…well, the heavy weight. You asked for longer life and a brighter shine without losing the things you’ve come to expect from Cameron, like DuPont 6,6 High Tenacity nylon, great looks and excellent strength.

» 1.7 ounce, high tenacity, rip-stop nylon, woven from quality DuPont 6,6 nylon fibers.
» Fluorocarbon (Teflon) coated, Caliber™ makes water run off more easily — and resists dirt. Molds and mildews find it harder to establish themselves on dry, clean balloons, but just in case they do, our Biocide treatment provides a further line of defense, fighting the growth of mold and mildew that can eat away coatings.
» Fed up with fading colors? Our anti-fade (Fadex) treatment combats the bleaching effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeping your envelope brighter and stronger for longer.
» Available in 16 standard colors.
» Available in all of our 16 standard colors, and color-matched to Caliber™.
» Caliber™ is backed by a 350 hour, six year warranty.