Hyperlast™ is the world’s best balloon fabric. And it’s exclusive to Cameron.

Introduced in 1988, the secret of Hyperlast™ is in its tighter nylon weave and the fact that all the fibers are completely coated in silicone – on both sides (competitive fabrics have only a single coating).

With nearly 14 years of use in the field, Hyperlast™ has clearly demonstrated its superior strength and zero porosity over its warranted lifetime (and even much longer). Approximately 30% heavier than conventional rip-stop nylon, Hyperlast™ is up to 800% stronger (just ask us for a sample to see if you can tear it).

But Hyperlast™ is more than just strong. It also stays imporous. When a balloon’s fabric gets porous, the balloon can no longer carry the load it once carried, and fuel consumption increases. The result? You end up flying shorter flights with fewer people. Hyperlast™ extends not just the life of the balloon, but the usefulness of your balloon.

All Camerons come standard equipped with Hyperlast™ parachutes. Exactly who needs Hyperlast™? Most pilots usually add it to the top third of their smaller balloons, or the top half in envelopes larger than 120-140,000 cubic feet. Some large balloon (210,000 cubic feet and larger) ride operators are now opting for all-Hyperlast™ envelopes, for the ultimate in constant payloads — and revenue per flight — and envelope longevity.

Hyperlast™. Zero porosity. Proven.

You want a fabric that starts out incredibly strong and stays that way for a very long time, that will not tear when any other fabric would, with colors that stay brilliant and look good for years, that stays air tight, and that resists the obnoxious mold or mildew that can turn a beautiful balloon into a smelly sieve. You want this fabric to be tough, to resist damage from take-offs and landings in inhospitable places. You also want the tear resistance of the fabric to be so great that it would keep rips from growing once the initial cause to tear is removed. And with all this — the perfect fabric — you want it still to be light enough to give you plenty of usable load capacity and soft enough to pack up easily.

The answer? Cameron’s exclusive Hyperlast™ — a proven performer for nearly 14 years.

Ask us for a sample, and prove Hyperlast’s™ strength to yourself.

» 2.3 ounce, DuPont 6,6 nylon base fibers
» Silicone elastomer coating on both sides of the fabric
» Biocide treated, to help fight the growth of mold and mildew
» Anti-fade (Fadex) treated, to combat the bleaching effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeping your envelope brighter and stronger for longer
» Available in all of our 16 standard colors, and color-matched to Caliber.
» 800% stronger than conventional rip-stop nylon
» Zero porosity over its warranted lifetime — or longer
» 600 hour, six year warranty.