STANDARD: Full Nomex Mouth Panels.

All Cameron envelopes come standard equipped with Nomex heat and fire retardant base panels at the mouth/throat — even in our low-cost Concept series. Our Nomex panels are color matched to your envelope, rather than matched by sewing standard envelope fabric onto a fire-retardant liner (like with other brands). Two heads may be better than one, but in this case, one layer is definitely better than two. Less weight. Less cost. More attractive. More effective.

The Z, O, N and V types come with nearly 5 feet of Nomex, while the Concept comes standard with 17 inches.
STANDARD: The Cameron Loaded Mouth™

The exclusive Cameron Loaded Mouth™ ensures efficient inflations every time — even when you’re short on crew. Inflate a Cameron by yourself and you’ll see that our Loaded Mouth™ speaks for itself. Try that with one of our competitor’s balloons and you’ll likely pay a visit to your repair station.

How does it work? It’s pure geometry. The unique angle of our flying wires creates an outward force on the mouth, causing it to stay open all by itself on inflation — and on rapid descents.

STANDARD: Hyperlast™ parachute.

All envelopes come standard equipped with a parachute sewn from our rugged, field-proven Hyperlast™ fabric – like all our fabric, a Cameron exclusive. Legendary for zero porosity over its warranted lifetime (and usually much longer), Hyperlast™ is warranted for 600 hours and 6 years.

STANDARD: Mechanical Advantage Parachute Pulley system.

Mechanical advantage designed into the parachute rigging makes the Cameron parachute valve easy to open and virtually eliminates the rebound snap shock on hard landings. Even lightweights can comfortably open the top on a Cameron, and our parachute valves are sized to make sprightly flight maneuvers easy. And when you are ready, the parachute control easily pulls the top in for a fast, smooth deflation.

STANDARD: Tailored Envelope Panels.

Cameron balloons look good year after year for the same reason that they perform so well. Every panel, every seam, and every load tape is shaped, sewn, and positioned to add strength and reduce stress. Individual fabric panels are tapered on all four sides to exacting tolerances, creating a smooth-curved gore shape and eliminating the wrinkles that indicate stress. This produces a neatly tailored look and reduces the possibility of rips spreading from panel to panel. Care in design has produced a “delta zero” shape which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also distributes load forces evenly throughout the balloon. Don’t let uneven stress give you wrinkles.

STANDARD: Internal Horizontal Load Tapes.

Our horizontal load tapes are sewn on the inside of the envelope, where they don’t intrude on the balloon’s appearance (especially important on balloons with commercial artwork). Why criss-cross the pattern you worked so hard to design?

STANDARD: Kevlar or Stainless Steel suspension cables.

A no-cost option, choose from either stainless steel or Kevlar suspension cables. Our Kevlar cables are owner-replacable, and can be fitted in a few short minutes.

STANDARD: Owner Maintenance Manual.

All Camerons come with a full unabridged manual of the Continued Instructions for Airworthiness (Maintenance Manual) so that you can get to know your system even better.

STANDARD: Heavy-duty Cordura carrying bag.

Each balloon comes with an elegant yet durable water-resistant Cordura carrying bag complete with lots of handles and an internal pocket that lets you pack the bag into a small, convenient pouch to take in flight with you. Hang it on an upright to dry out, or make your crew happy by having the balloon packed away by the time they arrive at the landing!

STANDARD: Fully-transferable Warranty.

Every envelope ships with a fully-transferable 6 year, 350 hour warranty on Caliber™ fabric, and 6 year, 600 hour warranty on our field-proven Hyperlast™ fabric. Both Caliber™ and Hyperlast™ fabrics are exclusive to Cameron Balloons, and are made from quality DuPont 6,6 Nylon fibers.

STANDARD: The best service in the industry. Delivered by the industry's best Support Team.

One of the best features of every Cameron is what you can’t see or touch on your new envelope. It’s the most comprehensive factory team in the industry, and service that doesn’t keep you waiting for parts. Our parts are usually shipped the same day, and customer service is basic to everyone who works at Cameron. The average term of employment for our production employees alone is more than eight years — and that translates into a committed group of proud individuals who are devoted to the long term success of our customers, and our company.