Cameron Maintenance Seminar

As a reminder to those not already signed up, the Cameron Balloons US Maintenance Seminar will be held on November 6th and 7th in Ann Arbor.

Spots are filling up quickly so if you are interested in attending, contact Dave Moody at the Cameron factory:

866.423.6178 or 734.426.5525

Flytec’s newest flight instrument, the 6040, is now fully FAA certified by Cameron Balloons U.S. along with it’s predecessor, the 3040. Both models utilize the TT34 wireless temperature transmitter and can easily be installed on any envelope. Please contact the Cameron factory for more details.

After a very long FAA certification process, we are pleased to announce that all Cameron Balloons U.S. envelopes may be used in conjunction with not only complete Lindstrand, Aerostar and Thunder & Colt bottom ends, but now Firefly/TBW as well. Please contact the Cameron factory for the appropriate flight manual supplement.