Cameron baskets offer the best strength-to-weight ratio in ballooning. Proof?

Every Cameron basket built has the industry’s highest load rating: 6,000 pounds. Strong. Light-weight. Flexible. Tough. Beautiful. All of this with the widest selection in the industry — choose from more than 16 different basket models and sizes, whether partitioned or non-partitioned.

Cameron baskets are made entirely from wicker — both the walls and the floor, because wicker is light-weight, resilient, shock-absorbing and beautiful. What are the advantages? A basket that provides toughness and resilience to protect you and your passengers, up to 40% lighter weight versus hard-floor baskets for easier ground-handling, and natural beauty created by the marriage of form and function. Some manufacturers find it easier and cheaper to build their baskets with a plywood floor — yet a basket is only as flexible as its least flexible part.

Why woven floors? Because the basket’s first objective is to absorb shock. Hard landings transmit the impact of an unyielding earth upwards. The woven floor absorbs more shock load than a wooden floor — and with less basket weight.

So when you have to make a less than feather-soft landing, the shock load goes into the wicker, distributed throughout the basket, instead of into the passengers.

Simply More Comfortable.

Cameron’s baskets have comfortably tall walls (yet easy entry via the built-in step), with all-woven basket top edges that yield ever so gently when your passengers relax against them — something a steel top frame won’t do.

The whole flying experience gives your passengers a secure feeling — lots of places to hold on, burner support locations that eliminate shoulder hunching in flight, great visibility around and above, and all-around comfort for all the people in the basket. Tanks are tucked into corners (yet fuel gauges are still easy to read), and the top edge of the basket curves to provide another comfortable place to stand and watch the world pass below. Combine this with our shock-absorbent design priority and you have the best proven basket in ballooning.

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Optional personalized tank belts give the basket a finished appearance that adds value to the whole ownership experience.

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Cameron’s CushionFloor and Cushion Wall add to impact absorption and provide some very neat places to store maps, strikers, and pilot gear.

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Our FlexiRigid system is the most imitated — but not matched — feature of Cameron baskets.

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Cameron’s all-weave floor — with optional poly-skid protectors.

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Choose from numerous accent weave styles and colors.

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Latigo leather — tough, water-resistant, resilient — is hand-laced on the bottom of every Cameron basket.

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