Power. Performance. Comfort. Reliability. Independent research and testing, using realistic real-world fuel pressures, has shown consistently that Cameron burners continue to outperform all others by combining high power, low noise, full redundancy, and a feature-rich design.

Furthermore, Cameron uses only purpose-designed and -built components for its line of burners, and offers ballooning’s only blast valve with a proven double ‘O’ ring leak-free seal (more »). Superior designs yield superior performance, full redundancy for total peace-of-mind, and easy maintenance — for example, our blast valve ‘O’rings can be lubricated by the owner/operator without valve disassembly.

Reliable pilot light systems, with built-in piezzo ignition. more info »
Cameron's Whisper burner, standard on all our burners, has 80% of the power of the main blast-valve burner. more info »
Articulated burner frame joints offer numerous benefits. more info »
With an EasyUp™ burner frame, never lift any weight above waist level again. more info »
Two pilots on board? With our adjustable-height burner, you can easily switch pilots — and heights — in flight. more info »