Believe it or not it’s a smaller, lighter and simpler concept. Yet the new Hopper cuts no corners when it comes to features, including a four point “fail safe” suspension system that transmits base loads to the envelope, and a silky-smooth rotation system which incorporates sealed, stainless steel ball bearings.

A clever design enables the very minimal base to accommodate any Cameron tank, from a 10 gallon aluminum to a 15 gallon stainless steel – all with no modifications.

The harness technology – taken from the world of paragliding – provides in-flight security and easy transition for landing from the sitting to standing positions. It’s adjustable for tall – or not so tall – pilots, and even incorporates a footrest.

Specially developed, the burner is fitted with quiet multi-hole jets plus a separate whisper unit.

Weight without the fuel cylinder is just 36 pounds, and when packed for transport, the pack measures 43 x 16 x 15 inches – well inside aircraft baggage limits.

Complete ready-to-fly systems - starting at around $23,000.

»  Accepts any Hopper or standard envelope 20,000 to 34,000 cu. ft.
(42,000 cu. ft. available for hot climates).
»  Weighs under 38 lbs without fuel tank.
»  Packs to 43″ x 16″ x 15″ for easy transportation (well inside aircraft
baggage limits).
»  Four-point ‘fail safe’ bearing system.
»  Forward burner position for easy operation of burner and clear view into envelope.
»  Fast and easy envelope connection via carabiners for four-or-three-point hookup.


»  Accepts any Cameron tank (excl. 20 gal).
»  No tank modification needed.
»  Liquid or vapor pilot light.
»  Independent Main and Whisper valves.
»  Ultra-quiet Whisper burner.
»  Two independent and easily adjustable polished stainless-steel mirrors for easy reading of fuel quantity gauge.
»  Built in pressure gauge and piezo ignitor.

Sky Hoppers are certificated as EXPERIMENTAL aircraft. For more details, please contact us.