The Shape of Experience.

When it comes to special-shape balloons, experience is everything. We should know, as Cameron invented the special-shape more than 25 years ago. In fact, more shapes bear the name “Cameron” than those built by all other balloon manufacturers combined. That’s more than 400 Cameron shapes in total. And not just simple shapes — such as round balloons with appendages added — but the most complex balloons ever engineered and built, like the famous Disney castle, Malcolm Forbes’ Harley Davidson motorcycle, and the Space Shuttle, not to mention numerous others.

How does that experience translate into benefits for you? To start with, it means the most faithful and accurate representation possible, whether your idea for a shape is based on a living thing, a character or icon, or an inanimate object. And when you combine this engineering talent with our artwork capabilities, such as ink-jet printing for super-realistic representations, it also means the most eye-grabbing shape possible. Why water down a great marketing idea with a poor facsimile?

And then there’s benefits that improve the manageability of the balloon — like envelope weight. Owing to superior engineering based on years of experience, our designs are geared to being as light-weight as possible, so you can be efficient on crew and pack-up. And that can translate into more nimble operations, and a higher performance success ratio for flights and tethers.

Plus, we don’t overburden you with more final deflation ports (for final pack-up) than you really need. The last thing you want to do prior to your next inflation is to be sealing dozens of velcro-sealable ports inside your envelope.

And of course, all of our shapes come equipped with the same great performance features that typify all Camerons. Features like the PressureScoop (another Cameron invention), which ensures that your shape inflates in breezy conditions — and stays inflated. And our proprietary fabrics, like Caliber™, that incorporates a biocide to kill harmful microbes that like to attack fabric coatings in the nether regions of your shape, and Hyperlast™, the legendary fabric that simply doesn’t go porous.

So if you’ve got a great idea that you would like to render larger-than-life, do it justice and put Cameron’s wealth of experience to work for you. After all, a great idea wasted is a terrible thing.

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