The Cameron Roziere is the ultimate lighter-than-air craft for long-distance flight.

Six Roziere balloons crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the 1992 Trans-Atlantic Race. One has crossed the Pacific – flown solo. And the first balloon flights coast-to-coast in Australia, both solo and dual, were in a Cameron Roziere — as was the first balloon crossing between the UK and the former USSR.

A combination helium and hot-air balloon, the Cameron Roziere is the only manned balloon to have circumnavigated the globe, and it holds the absolute world distance and duration records for all aircraft.

Envelopes can be single or double skinned and can be supplied with pressurized or non-pressurized Kevlar and carbon fiber gondolas, bare or completely fitted with life support, navigation and communication equipment

Inside the Breitling Orbiter 3 capsule
In flight, 1992 Chrysler Trans-Atlantic Race
1992 Chrysler Trans-Atlantic Race