Andrew Baird

General Manager and FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER)

Andy took his first balloon flight in Albuquerque in 1977, and has been involved in aviation ever since. At age 18, he completed his fixed-wing license before going on to College to study Aeronautical Engineering in England. In 1984, he completed an internship with Cameron Balloons Ltd., in Bristol, England, before moving back to Michigan where he spent ten years flying balloons. Andy became Chief Pilot and Chief Flight Instructor for a major Michigan ride and corporate balloon company. Later Andy became a Representative for Cameron Balloons U.S., and started his own business specializing in the operation of advertising balloons for major corporations, gaining over 1,200 hours as pilot-in-command of hot air balloons.

Andy joined the Cameron U.S. Factory Team in 1994 as a salesperson and technical liaison. He became the factory’s FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) responsible for testing and implementation of new designs and equipment — a role he still fills today. Andy is FAA Certified Repairman, pilot and avid competitor – competing in local, regional, National and World-championships.

“This is a challenging industry, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.  It is rare in life to be able to combine work with an avocation you have a passion for.  I feel very fortunate — even on the busiest and most challenging days — to have earned a living for the last 30 years, spending every day involved in this wonderful sport.”

In addition to his work duties, Andy has been a contributor to ballooning via National and International organizations such as the Balloon Federation of America, and the Federation Aviation Internationale, serving a variety of roles as Director, Committee Member/Chair, President (BFA), and Delegate (FAI).

Contact Andy at (866) 423-6178

Erik Birchman

Engineer and Technical Guru

Erik is an Engineering graduate of the University of Michigan, who joined us in 2011.  Erik handles all new designs including standard envelopes, special shapes, baskets, and the variety of special projects we undertake.

Contact Erik at (866) 423-6178

Andy Gross

Digital Graphics

Joining us in March 2007,  Andy has been involved in ballooning his entire life. Andy is in charge of all digital graphics from renderings, to production documents to running the ink jet printer.  If your project involves graphics, Andy has played a major part it in.  When he’s not busy with production, he also maintains our website.

Contact Andy at (866) 423-6178

Dave Moody

Engineering Manager

FAA Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR)

FAA-certified Repairman

Employed with Cameron U.S. for more than 19 years, Dave has experience in every production function, including baskets, artwork, envelope production, fuel systems, and aircraft maintenance. In 1988, Dave was appointed by the FAA as Cameron’s DMIR (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative), and at the same time, gained his Balloon Repairman Certificate. Dave’s functions include the management of all FAA-related paperwork, management of inspection procedures, and technical control with respect to engineering drawings, product innovations, and product quality.

Contact Dave at (866) 423-6178 — or by e-mail at: techsupport@cameronballoons.com

Sarah Borton

Sarah handles our bookkeeping and day to day general office duties, including payables and receivables administration.  Sarah is often the first voice you hear when you call us at the Factory..

Contact Sarah at (866) 423-6178 — or by e-mail at: hotline@cameronballoons.com

PRODUCTION SUPERVISORS (in alphabetical order)
Kevin Aberle

Basket Department Supervisor

FAA-certified Repairman.

Responsible for the supervision of our basket production area, Kevin has more than 16 years of experience with Cameron U.S. and has personally woven more than 140 baskets of all types and sizes. Kevin is versed in all components of basket production and maintenance, and is an FAA-certified Repairman.

Contact Kevin at (866) 423-6178

Debbie Branch

Sewing Coordinator:

Our envelope production coordinator, Debbie offers our customers more than 17 years of experience with Cameron U.S., and in every aspect of envelope production.

Contact Debbie at (866) 423-6178

Our Production Team

Our production team has, on average, nearly 11 years of experience with Cameron per team member — and that low turnover ensures high levels of quality due to people who know their job very, very well. We’re very proud of our Production Team, and readily acknowledge the daily efforts they invest in building quality products that meet our high standards, and the needs of our customers.