SAFIRE™ (Double / Triple / Quad)

Sometimes you want more power, sometimes you want more hands.
The new Safire™ burner from Cameron is the powerful and elegant solution to both of those problems.
The Safire™ is 50% more powerful than standard burners which means you burn less often – which is good for you and your passengers.
Designed for larger balloons – 180 and up, – in most cases the Safire™ allows you to use a double instead of a triple or a triple instead of a quad.  With one less burner, you simplify the fuel system, reduce weight, and best of all reduce cost.

With a Safire™ double you can operate both burners at full power with just one hand – freeing the other hand for the vent line or radio.
The Safire™ also has some unique features like automatically handling condensation buildup to avoid water drips and stains, for example.
If you’re looking to put some fun back into your ride flying, you should try the Safire™.

  • 50% more powerful than a standard burner
  • Single hand operation of both main blast valves
  • extra power allows the use of a double instead of a triple or triple instead of quad**
  • saves weight and cost when down-sizing from triple or quad
  • simplifies fuel management
  • proven performance of the Stratus™ valve-block

**depending on envelope size.